Our Treatments

Our Treatments

Body Treatments

We have a range of fat-loss, skin tightening and collagen boosting machines which will compliment you on your weight loss journey. 

Cryolipolysis - £175.00 per area

Cryolipolysis, is a fantastic non-invasive fat-loss treatment which uses cold temperature to freeze and break down fat cells. The fat cells are particularly susceptible to the effects of cold, unlike other types of cells. While the fat cells freeze, the skin and other structures are spared from injury.

The injured fat cells perish and are gradually eliminated by the body over 12 weeks. During that time the fatty bulge decreases in size, with an average fat reduction of between 10-20 per cent. It is essential to note that this is not a weight-loss treatment, and should be used to treat fatty deposits on the body that diet and exercise hasn’t helped. 

Cryolipolysis - Fat Freezing

RRP £499 per session - Sale Price - £175 per session/area

  • One of the following areas: 
  • Stomach (Upper or Lower).
  • Thighs (2 areas)
  • Buttocks (2 areas) 
  • Flanks/Love Handles (2 areas)
  •  Back Fat (2 areas)
  • Moobs (2 areas)
  • Arms (2 areas)
  • Bra area (2 areas)

Revolutionary Technology

At Cinch Clinic, we’re proud to introduce the revolutionary V-360 Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine, a cutting-edge technology designed to target stubborn fat cells and sculpt your body with precision. This innovative machine utilises advanced cryolipolysis technology to freeze fat cells, causing them to crystallize and break down over time.

The non-invasive nature of this treatment makes it suitable for individuals looking to reduce localised fat deposits without surgery or downtime.

Whether you’re struggling to shed those last few inches around your waist, thighs, or arms, the V-360 Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine offers a safe and effective solution for achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a slimmer, more contoured figure with Cinch Clinic’s state-of-the-art technology.

V-Tighten & Tone (VTT)

£83 for 1 session / £500 for 6 Sessions / £999 for 12 Sessions

At Cinch clinic, we understand that achieving your body goals can be challenging, especially when you’re already putting in so much effort at the gym. 

That’s why, for a limited time, we will be offering V-Tighten & Tone (VTT) a revolutionary non-surgical body contouring treatment that will help you achieve your desired body shape.

V-TT is a cutting-edge technology that uses muscle stimulating energy plus Radio Frequency to stimulate muscle contractions in targeted areas of your body. These contractions are more intense and frequent than those achieved through regular exercise, resulting in enhanced muscle tone and definition.

A course of 6 is recommended. 

Revolutionary Technology

With V-TT, you can target areas that are difficult to tone through traditional exercise, such as your abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs. The treatment is entirely non-invasive, pain-free, and requires no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities right after your session.

Our expert clinicians at Cinch Clinic will work with you to create a customised treatment plan that suits your unique needs and goals. Whether you want to sculpt your abs or lift and tone your buttocks, V-TT can help you achieve your desired results.

Don’t let stubborn fat and muscle laxity stand in the way of your dream body. Book a consultation with us today, and let us help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted with V-TT.

The Complete Package

  1. Cryolipolysis – £1,250

Our cutting-edge V-360 Cryolipolysis treatment will target the fat cells in the treated area & reduce by up to 20%.

You will receive 6 cups/areas of this treatment.

  1. V-TT

Delivering the latest muscle stimulating and fat burning technology, to help burn fat and build muscle. This treatment will help sculpt, tone and strengthen your muscles. You will receive a course of 6 of these sessions.3. Cinch Fast 30

  1. Cinch Fast 30 – Silver Membership – Our 30-day introduction to Intermittent Fasting will give you the education, tools and support to live an intermittent fasting lifestyle to help you lose weight and upscale your health. This will give you 12-month access to the programme.

The Complete Package

Targeted & Powerful

Who Is This Package Suited To?

  • Individuals looking to target stubborn fat deposits and achieve a more sculpted physique.
  • Those who want to burn fat, build muscle, and tone their body effectively.
  • Anyone interested in adopting an intermittent fasting lifestyle to support their weight loss goals and improve their overall health.
  • This package is a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle or individuals seeking a kick-start to a healthier, leaner future.